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The Good, Bad and Ugly Side of using the Shopify b2b ecommerce solution in the USA

The b2b ecommerce industry is definitely a cut-throat one. With so much competition already out there, any new business will need to have all of the right tools in order to be able to compete with the rest of the businesses already in the game. As a business owner, one of the best things that you can do for your b2b business is to find the right solution or platform that you will be working with in order to make your ecommerce as good as possible. One of the most famous names in ecommerce is Shopify and it is no surprise that the Shopify b2b ecommerce solution is actually one of the most recommended in the USA. Today we are going to look at some of the pros and cons of this solution, so definitely keep on reading to find out whether it is the right one for your business as well.

To start off, we are going to start with a really nice pro and that is the most important reason as to why Shopify is so popular and it has to do with how easily you can create a really professional-looking ecommerce. The fact is that as far as solutions for beginners go, Shopify is definitely the best one because it has a very and simple to use admin panel and thanks to the ease of it you are able to control your ecommerce with ease as well. All of the other great tools that come with this solution are also ones that are really simple to use and perfect for someone that has never done this before, but the great thing is that you will still be able to come out with some incredibly professional results.


This next one that we are going to talk about is actually one that may or may not be a con, depending on your monetary situation, but an important thing that has to be mentioned is the fact that the Shopify b2b ecommerce solution is a paid product in general, and that is definitely something to keep in mind. While there are some free plans that you can use in order to test the product out, the reality is that you will probably have to upgrade eventually and that may be something that will stop you from using this solution. Another really big selling point is the app store and something to be mindful of here is the fact that most apps are paid for and those are also costs that can really add up, so you definitely need to be really careful there especially if you don’t have a large budget for your USA b2b ecommerce business.

Again, this may be a pro or a con depending on your level of familiarity with code, but it is important to note that when using Shopify you have no access to the underlying code. For a beginner this probably doesn’t mean much, but if you are someone that understands these things, you also know what this means. To make it clear for you if you are not tech savvy, this means that you won’t be able to make any major changes to the solution and you will have much less flexibility and power because of it.

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Just because it is the most famous name in ecommerce, it doesn’t mean that the Shopify b2b ecommerce solution will be the right one for you, so making sure that you see some of the pros and the cons before you make your decision is very important. We hope that you found this article helpful and that it will make deciding whether Shopify is the right platform for your USA b2b business or not much easier.

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