A Few Excellent B2B Platform Examples

B2B e-commerce

B2B has become a really big sector in the last few years and according to the latest predictions this sector will keep growing in the future. In order to understand what B2B is all about, the best idea is to analyze a few B2B platform examples. We have created a short list that includes some very successful examples.

Amazon Business

Amazon is primarily a B2C website, but it has also developed a B2B platform known as Amazon Business. Just like the other version, this one has all the necessary features that can help both buyers and sellers complete transactions smoothly. It’s easy to become a member of Amazon Business as a seller and even easier to buy things.


Alibaba is a B2B eCommerce platform based in China. It has been present on the online market for almost 20 years. Even though it’s based in China, business owners from all over the world are using this platform for selling and buying all kind of items. From raw materials to small products required by small and medium-sized enterprises – Alibaba has it all. Almost 20 million sellers and buyers from almost every country in the world have used Alibaba in the last two decades.


Quill is a B2B platform designed, built and owned by Staples. This is an exclusive B2B eCommerce platform focused on providing a smooth user experience to both sellers and buyers. There are many reasons why people like Quill and some of them include perfect categorization, seamless navigation, and powerful search engine.


OverDrive has a B2B platform that is trying to unique libraries, schools, publishers and retailers in one place. It’s worth mentioning that this one of the platforms that are focused only on digital products, so if you are interested in physical products you should look for another place.


In case you didn’t know, Grainger is one of the first B2B platforms in the world. Grainger is known for its user-friendly interface that comes with intuitive buttons and tabs. Searching for products on this platform is very easy.


You can tell by the name of this B2B platform that is focused on a specific industry. Visitors can find around 400.000 healthcare products on this platform. What’s great is that Medline comes with interactive features that make gathering information and searching for products much simpler. It’s a B2B platform worth checking if you are involved in this industry.

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